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Whitsundays Travel Articles

Whitsundays Travel Articles

Looking for something to do in the Whitsundays or Whitsunday Islands?

The good people at Tourism Queensland have written a range of interesting travel articles highlighting the kind of adventures you can have in and around the Whitsundays, from beach escapes to tying the knot to encounters with crocodiles.

They are slightly biased of course, but they're well written and present a very human point of view. If you want the real news you can always check out the ABC News, or check out our Living in Whitsundays section for loads more practical information.


Airlie Beach

While still proud of its success as a backpacker icon, Airlie Beach, the capital of the Whitsundays, has come of age. It is an evolution that is turning this tropical town into a coveted all-round visitor destination with a healthy economic base. Driving from nearby Proserpine Airport into town along Shute Harbour Road, Airlie Beach looks much the same as I remember it...

Top 10 Romantic Whitsunday Holiday Ideas

If you’re visiting the Whitsundays with a loved one, the surrounding turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, spectacular sunsets and diamond night skies will probably have you feeling pretty romantic.

Wandering The Whitsundays

There are plenty of great value holiday escapes to the Whitsundays, in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. From the Whitsundays coastline stretching from Bowen in the north to Laguna Quays in the south, and 74 tropical islands, most uninhabited, the region has something for everyone from families to independent travelers and couples.

Whitsundays Island Hop

Over 70 tropical islands make island hopping a Whitsundays' must do activity. Read about the "glistening waters, lush gardens, reflective pools, fringed palms, gentle waterfalls, gracefulness" of Hayman Island to Lindeman Island, Daydream Island and Coral Sea Resort.

Whitsundays Weddings

His T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan No Fear, the ghostly white English backpacker sat on the Whitsunday beach, too afraid to snorkel. Perhaps if the bashful Brit had known he had more chance of getting married in the Whitsundays than spotting a shark, he might have had reason for sweaty palms.


If Airlie Beach is the party animal of the Whitsundays, then Bowen must surely be the Berocca. In the cocktail shaker of Queensland tourist destinations, Bowen is the mango daiquiri to Airlie's martini. With its yawningly wide streets and gracious heritage buildings, Bowen's charm is captured.

Smile at crocodile on this cruise

Adrift on the muddy waters of Proserpine River, the tension is building steadily. The mood seems to heighten as the silence increases to a roar. The guests onboard are alert. We are deep in the habitat of Crocodylus Porosus, the estuarine or saltwater crocodile, the apex predator of the Whitsunday coast wetlands.