Boat Charters

Whitsundays Boat Charters

Charter a boat, yacht or catamaran to sail or motor in the Whitsunday Islands

Choose from an array of motor and sailing yachts, motor cruises or catamarans to charter around the pristine, warm seas of the Whitsundays. The only question to ask yourself next is, do I sail myself or do I choose a crewed charter? Crewing yourself is called a bareboat charter and while you don’t need to have a license it makes it a whole lot easier if someone has boating experience. While bareboat chartering offers you a little more privacy there is something to say for the luxury that comes with having your very own dedicated crew. These crew members are there to cater to your every need while you sit back and enjoy the Whitsundays.

Whichever way you decide to go there’s no better feeling than anchoring down for the night and waking up to your very own island cove. Take a swim, snorkel the reefs and then head into shore and explore the white sandy beaches. Cruising around the Whitsundays is perfect for a romantic getaway, family vacation or time spent away with friends. There’s a boat and a charter service to suit everyone’s needs.