Top 10 Romantic Things To Do At Whitsundays

Top 10 Romantic things to do on the Whitsundays

If you’re visiting the Whitsundays with a loved one, the surrounding turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, spectacular sunsets and diamond night skies will probably have you feeling pretty romantic.

Regardless of whether you’re a young couple, on your honeymoon, getting away from the kids or having a second honeymoon, there are so many things you can do together to enjoy the moment and have treasured memories to look back on years from now. We’ve put together a list of our top 10 romantic things you can do while visiting the Whitsundays region. Feel free to claim these were your own ideas or use them to come up with something even better! Have you booked romantic Whitsundays accommodation?

1. Rent a Yacht

Power boats may be quick and fun but let’s face it, that loud engine is a mood killer. There are a number of places where you can hire a yacht or catamaran to sail the calm tropical waters on. Far out from shore on your own private sailing boat you’ll be able to share an intimate day away from any other person or noise. Take a small vessel out for a day to find your own private beach in the sun or spend a few nights in one with a full size cabin. You can sail out, weight anchor and share a bottle of wine as you watch the colourful display as the sun goes down at night.

2. Take a sailing tour

There are a number of sailing tours that operate in and around the Whitsundays, the most significant being the 'Coral Trekker'. This 75 foot fully restored tall ship quietly and majestically sails through the islands while all you have to do is enjoy the view. There are private cabins to stay in, chef prepared meals, a crew to handle all the rigging and plenty of stops along the way. You’ll get to spend your time snorkelling, kayaking, walking along secluded beaches and finish the days off intimately sipping cocktails and watching the sun set from the deck of a traditional sailing ship.

3. Go on a Romantic Flight

The waters around the Whitsundays Islands are a mixture of some of the most beautiful sapphire blues, turquoises and even jade green in some places. Dotted with green islands rimmed with white sands and the whole area is just magnificent to see from above - there's even a reef in the shape of a heart! There are scenic flights available in a range of aircraft from the manoeuvrable helicopters, to sea planes and the peacefully silent hot air balloons. Take a flight so you can enjoy these wonderful views together.

4. Walk along Whitehaven Beach

You always hear people talking about long, romantic walks along the beach but how often do you get a chance to do it? Regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Whitehaven beach is the perfect place to do just this! The 7km beach is a natural beauty of calm glistening waters, pure white sands, and lush tropical rainforest. You can spend hours walking hand in hand along this beach in the shallows of the warm tropical waters and at 7km long you’re bound to be able to find a secluded spot to share a tender moment.

5. Lunch at a Waterfall

Located between Proserpine and Airlie Beach are the cascading Cedar Creek Falls. Take a blanket and a packed lunch out here to enjoy a day at the water’s edge and even go for a swim under the falling water. There are a number of walking tracks around the area so if you’re looking for some seclusion you should be able to find a nice spot somewhere along the stream where you won’t be bothered.

6. Romantic Dinner

There are some outstanding restaurants around the Whitsundays specialising in spectacular locally caught seafood. With panoramic views overlooking tranquil waters speckled with green islands these restaurants are perfect for enjoying good food, fine wine and each other’s company. If you’re looking for that extra little romantic element there are dinner cruises that tour the islands so you can watch the view change while you dine.

7. Dinner on the Beach

With a setting of white sands, tranquil waters gently lapping at the shore and a beautiful warm climate, any beach in the Whitsundays looks romantic at night. For a simple romantic evening order a take away meal and take a blanket down to the beach. The two of you can lie on the sands while you eat and watch the sky change through a myriad of colours as the sun sets. You’ll find the mood gets more and more intimate as it gets darker and the waters glow with the light of the moon.

8. Enjoy a Scenic Drive

If you drove to the Whitsundays or hired a car make the most of the scenic coastal roads and mountain drives. Spend a day together exploring the remarkable coastline and beautiful beaches. You’ll find a number of wonderful views from the headlands and even secluded beaches. Take a turn inland and there are winding mountain roads to the peaks of the ranges where you can enjoy spectacular views, bushwalks and a number of beautiful waterfalls.

9. Spend a Weekend at a Resort

I know this might seem like a given but there are a number of resorts that cater to romantic holidays. Book a room with a view and you can organise to have a bottle of champagne with strawberries waiting on arrival, candle-lit dinners and breakfast in bed. Spend some time at the resort day spas, get a massage together and lay in the sun with a selection of fancy cocktails. Resort staff can offer a range of romantic activities so you can relax and enjoy each other’s company as well as the tranquil surrounds.

10. Get Married!

Let’s not beat around the bush; the Whitsundays is the perfect place to tie the knot! In an area that is pretty much guaranteed nothing but sunny skies more than 300 days a year, magnificent island paradise surrounds and a thriving hospitality industry you really couldn’t find a better place. You and the guests will have a wonderful day, the setting will be incredibly romantic, you’ll cherish your wedding photos forever and your honeymoon can be a short boat ride to the nearest tropical island. What’s stopping you?