Schoolies Week Accommodation at Airlie Beach

Schoolies Week Accommodation at Airlie Beach

Schoolies Week is the ultimate rite of passage for Year 12’s as they throw out their school books, say good bye to the school gates and leave behind their teachers forever. The week after school finishes becomes the ultimate summer holiday and is usually the first time these school leavers have holidayed without their parents. It’s a weeklong graduation festival and is enjoyed by Year 12’s from all over Australia. The majority of students migrate up to the Gold Coast but the Whitsundays and especially Airlie Beach is becoming a haven for those who want to have fun but also see some amazing sights at the same time. The coastal town of Airlie Beach offers school leavers everything they need from well-priced luxurious resorts, multiple bedroom apartments, cheap motels and being on the doorstep of the Whitsundays is pretty special too.

Why Choose Airlie Beach for Schoolies Week?

book Whitsundays Schoolies accommodation nowThis means that you can commandeer a yacht or cruiser and sail around the islands with your friends. It’s the perfect way to cap off the year with some much needed relaxation and fun with your mates. Airlie Beach is not as big as other Schoolies towns so we recommend you book Schoolies accommodation early so as to not miss out!

Airlie Beach is famous for its white sands, tropical climate and laid back lifestyle which will have you grinning from ear to ear during the day and the night.  You can’t swim at Airlie’s beaches due to some really nasty stingers but the Lagoon on the Esplanade is the perfect place to laze about and to check out the talent. You can also hop on board a day trip and head out to some of the spectacular islands located in the Whitsundays. Paddle about, snorkel, scuba dive or have a go at some of the water sports the different islands offer.

Airlie Beach is not as hectic as Surfers Paradise but there still are heaps of activities to keep you busy at night with dance parties, bands and lots of other organised events. If you’re over 18 the pubs and clubs here are fun and laidback – you won’t get turned away for wearing thongs to one of these venues.

There are lots of reasonable restaurants selling the freshest of fresh seafood. You can eat like a king with a $25 seafood platter and a million dollar view any night of the week! If that’s stretching your budget then grab some fish’n’chips and hang out by the pool.

Tips for Schoolies

Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays are an amazing place to celebrate your school leaving. Read through a few of our tips so you don’t have to end the party early:

  • Be familiar with your accommodation house rules - if your room is damaged, or there are other issues, discuss immediately with your apartment manager
  • Underage drinking or using a fake ID could land you with a $1875 fine - so don't do it!
  • Unwanted or forced sexual behaviour is a crime.
  • Police are there to help you - stay calm, listen and follow instructions.
  • Look out for Schoolies volunteers - they'll provide advice and support.
  • Respect that others live, work and visit the Whitsundays.
  • Remember your medication - especially if you're asthmatic, a diabetic or have epilepsy.
  • Pack your school ID so you can get an official Schoolies Week ID for your chance to win prizes (some accommodation providers also require this).
  • If you are sexually active, practise safe sex.
  • Make sure you only swim in designated areas.
  • If you’re hiring a boat make sure you have a license and remain sober.
  • Be sun smart and drink plenty of water, you don't want to stuck in your room dehydrated or sunburnt!

It’s a good idea to remember that Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays are relatively new to hosting Schoolies Weeks so make sure you behave and don’t ruin it for the next bunch of Year 12’s leaving school.