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Seeking a fun event?

Do you want to throw a party that will impress your guests?

Seeking an event that will break the ice among your colleagues?

Our Paint & Sip parties are for you! We use art as a means for an interactive and enriching experience for your corporate function, private party, social or youth event. Art is simply the platform for a fun event! It’s not about whether you can paint or not, it’s about whether you like to have fun?!?

If you’re seeking something with a bit more substance that focuses on improving mental health, check out our Meditation Art Sessions or Empowerment Masterclasses!



Our Paint & Sip event will impress your guests. As they play with painting and street art mediums in a relaxed environment. We reward you for hosting an event by shouting the host their experience! 

Paint & Sip studios are extremely popular in Melbourne and Brisbane. Guests walk into a room set up with easels and a pumping party atmosphere. It’s a party with a twist!

Zero art skills are required!!! Get some painting tips to get you started on creatively painting the background of your canvas and then we use Street Art stenciling to polish it off. Even a rookie will have a masterpiece to take home.

Here’s your chance for a ‘hip’ city experience in your regional town with your friends, family or work colleagues! We can even host a Paint & Sip right in your backyard.



Our Meditative Art Sesssions are a different vibe...Learn the ‘art’ of letting go in a meditative art session. Have you ever been drawing or painting and time slipped away? You found yourself so immersed in creating that you forgot about the rest of the world? That is the art of letting go. A meditative art session allows you to become immerse in applying the art materials - paint, clay, drawing, collage and simply focusing on the creative process. Enabling you to completely forget about the rest of the world.



The Empowerment Masterclass is a means for self-discovery and self-development. Through experiential learning, the masterclass develops self-awareness and uncovers the best version of you. Participants bring out their inner ‘hero’ with mindfulness, goal planning and confidence building strategies.

The Empowerment Masterclass uses clay building and painting techniques to explore meditation and mindfulness, vision and goal planning and confidence building.

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Cannonvale, QLD 4802
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